Sunday, August 8, 2010


Today we had a play date with Jake. His mom headed off really, really early to compete in a triathlon and so Jake was at our door before 6:00am this morning.  We tucked him into bed beside Sofia in the hopes that he would fall asleep and allow us all to continue to slumber.  
Sof was thrilled to wake up and see her best mate beside her.

So off we went....

Breakfast at Pancake Circus.
5 pancakes and bacon devoured by one wee person (and that was brekkie # 2 of the morning).
Bike ride to the park.
And a visit to FTT.

Reading with Mother Goose.
A slide built for two......CUTE!
Quick break for refueling.
And some pondering.....

This one cracks me up.  They love each other, of that I am sure but there is NO WAY Sofia is going to let Jake out of that tepee first.  Not on your life mate!!

We finished up with each of them getting their faces painted.  Sofia loves this stuff.  We find ourselves walking extra distances just to avoid her spotting the face painting stall. 
No such luck today.
Sofia got her rainbow and Jake got spidey.

Needless to say, we arrived home, fed them lunch and put them both to bed, in the same room and I'll let you imagine just how well that went :O)


Clyde and Terri said...

That looks like so much fun. Papa and Geema can't wait to go to Fairytale Town with you.

Daniel Ross said...

Too Cute!!!