Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Polar Express

Today we rode The Polar Express to the North Pole. Sofia has watched the movie, read the book and knows all the characters and songs and we had a fabulous time on our very own magical train ride.

The girlie with her golden ticket (oh wait, wrong movie).

One beautifully decorated train.

Our awesome coach staff.  The entire train is run by volunteers and they really did a wonderful job of bringing "The Polar Express" to life for the kids.

And what would a trip to the North Pole be without Geema and Papa along for the ride.

In our seats, ready to go.

Our trip to the North Pole took us via the Sacramento River (who knew that was how you got there) and we travelled it at a perfect time with a glorious sunset.

Finally, the North Pole.  Santa was there checking his list.

Sofia waved and waved and waved and then proclaimed "Santa waved at me".  In her eyes, Santa had been waving directly to her. 

A moment of reflection before heading back home.

And Sofia's very favourite character in the movie is the ghost on the top of the train.  She calls him the Hurdy Gurdy man and she loved seeing him on the train.  In fact, as Santa was coming down the train, Sofia kept saying "Where's the Hurdy Gurdy man?"  And after the train ride she says "He's so cute".  Guess there is no accounting for some peoples taste, huh?

Waiting and watching for Santa to appear. Sofia was a bit aprehensive about just how close she wanted Santa to get.

The man himself.

Santa gave Sofia her very own bell and she heard it loud and clear. She is a true believer.

Sofia's bell put safe and sound in her pocket. No holes, we checked.

One last photo op with her very favourite Hurdy Gurdy man.


Lilysmom said...

Oh you lucky ducks got one of those coveted tickets. Looks like fun!

aamayna said...

Oh my sweet!!! I would love to do that!