Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tutu Madness

This series of photos was taken one night out in the back yard. I bought Sofia her own tutu skirt because she so enjoyed wearing the blue one in the photo shoot. So we put it on one evening and danced in the back yard. The girl twirled and spun until it was time for bed and I think these photos capture her personality at it's finest. The last couple of weeks have seen the real two year old surface, so it was nice to see these smiles and we took such joy in watching our beautiful girl dance with complete and utter abandon.


aamayna said...

All of these tutu posts people have done make me want one for mayna!! Your girl looks so darn cute in these pix!! I know what you is so nice when the real girl comes out (vs. the stubborn 2 yo!!)

Clyde and Terri said...


Hannah said...

Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! I love the pettiskirt!