Friday, July 24, 2009

A Night in the City with Grandpa

Part One of our vacation last week was a trip to San Francisco to catch up with Grandpa Robin. We headed out on Friday for a night in the city. We caught the cable car down to the Ferry Building and had an awesome dinner (except dessert....yes Meg and Gladys, next time we WILL listen to you) at "The Slanted Door". Sofia even gave her chopstick - only one of them - a workout. She loved the pork belly we ordered which is unusual. She is not really much of a meat eater.

We decided the best option on the way back to the hotel was to walk off all of the good stuff we had just eaten. It never gets tiring looking at all of the wonderful buildings in San Francisco.

Story time with Grandpa Robin. We are so lucky that even though we live so far away from Grandpa, we do get to catch up every once in a while even if it is just for one night. Sofia seems to have a special place in her heart for her Grandpa. Maybe it is because he was the first person she met when we came home, or maybe it is the simple fact that he is a super cool Grandad.

On Saturday we headed out to the newly renovated California Academy of Sciences. I don't have too many pictures to share of that. It was super busy and SUPER toasty in there. We did get to enjoy the rainforest display and Sofia did have a good time checking out the penguins. But, far and away her favourite display was of the medicinal leeches. Yip....go figure. The display consisted of a human foor (not real I don't think) covered in leeches. Ever since we have come home this is what we have heard from Sofia.....over and over and over again:

Ewwwwww foot!! Leeches! No Shoe!!

The way she says it is just too damn cute! It really made an impact I guess. What is up with that? I thought the butterflies in the rainforest were pretty spectacular, but not my daughter. She liked the leeches!!

Part two of vacation tomorrow. Off to bed with a girl who has come home with a high fever. Doctor said that it is just some kind of late season flu and we just need to ride it out. Looks like a sleepless night in the making for us tonight.

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