Monday, June 8, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Summer is about to begin. Clyde has only one week of school left before he gets to enjoy a summer hanging with Sofia. Somehow though, we have managed to get ourselves booked up with commitments (in a good way), so we took advantage of a lazy weekend before the choas begins. So much so that Sunday didn't even warrant a shower. Eewwwwwww!

Here are some of my favourite moments.

Sofia and Clyde enjoyed breakfast in the back yard. Sofia loves turning everything into a sandwich. Here she has a Marmite toast sandwich.

Sof swam. In several different pools in several neighbours yards. The water wasn't exactly warm and at one point Sofia was sitting in the pool, shivering her little tooshie off trying to convince Jake and Peter that they should get in as well. The boys weren't going for it but Sof stayed true and kept swimming until we dragged her home.

Here is Sof's cheese face.

Fresh peas from the Farmer's Market. Sofia was eating them like candy.

Another pose, this time with fresh mint from the garden for the peas.

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Clyde and Terri said...

Having time to just hang out is one of our favorite things. We're so glad you had this beautiful day to do just that.