Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Party Day

So Miss Sofia's 2nd birthday falls on a Tuesday this year. And not just any Tuesday....her birthday falls on Tuesday, January 20th!!! So, in an effort not to overshadow Barack's little shindig, and give Geema and Papa a chance to attend an Inaugeration party, we had a "Happy Birthday Party Day" for Sof on Sunday. Nothing major....just pasta, presents, cake and family. All of the things the girlie loves.

Daddy made pancakes for breakfast and Sofia ate eight, yes you heard me correctly, EIGHT pancakes. Yes, they were mini pancakes, but quite a feat none-the-less.

Aunty Claire, Uncle Bruce and the kids sent monster bowling - WHAT FUN!! We bowled in our PJ's for much of the morning.

When do we get the open presents, Papa?

Sofia and her new bestest buddy, Dora. Although she was a little unsure of Dora at first, I am happy to report that tonight Dora is tucked up tight with Sofia in bed. Now that makes a total of eight stuffed toys (the chosen ones) and one little girl who must receive a goodnight kiss. That takes some serious time people and heaven forbid you forget one. Sofia knows. She will repeat over and over the one you missed until you correct your error and provide the poor neglected toy a kiss on the forehead.

Sofia's new sleeping bag was a hit.....with everybody.

Sofia insisted that Barclay would like it if he layed his head down on the pillow. Mummy had to convince Barclay that it would be a good thing. BJ is such a sweet dog and very patient.....he reluctantly gave Sofia her wish.

Even Jeeves got in on the act.

Barclay John and his mate "Dog".

Everyone tucked up tight.


Give us a kiss?



Clyde and Terri said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sofia.

Chris and Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Party to you! Happy Birthday party to you!!!!

xxoo A and C and the rest