Saturday, January 31, 2009

Goodnight Wiki

This morning Sofia came into our bedroom carrying her Kiwi Shapes book. She climbed up into bed and we proceeded to read her book. On the last page the kiwi is sleeping in his bed under the stars and crescent moon. Sofia says "Shhhhhhh, Night Night Wiki".

Oh how could this one little sentence not bring back floods of memories of the real "Goodnight Kiwi". We knew if we were watching the Goodnight Kiwi we had stayed up WAY past our bedtime. And, thanks to You Tube I was able to share this with my family. For those of you who don't know, before 24 hour television the Goodnight Kiwi signaled the end of nightly broadcasts in New Zealand. He last aired in 1994.

Okay.....gotta go now. One little person is sitting next to me saying "Wiki...again".


Clyde and Terri said...

What a blast-from-the-past this must be for you, Meredith. And, it's so cute. We used to get a test signal at sign off. Wikis know better how not to take life too seriously.

Claire Wilson said...

Goodnight Kiwi has been bought back and comes on screen intermittantly. OK not like we knew it as a sign that TV was about to end for the day, but he is now back on our screens and gives great joy to those who are there to catch him. Good night our little Kiwi Sofia. Love the Wilson's. And we are so glad you got to meet our funny little guy!!

Chris Tickner, MFT said...

No WAY!! That is soooo cute! And no surprize that the Kiwi has a GREY KITTY!! xo