Thursday, January 8, 2009


There are changes afoot in the Quick household tonight. With a birthday looming it is impossible to ignore the fact that our little girl is growing up.

Out of pure necessity, okay maybe aided by the excess of new toys she received for Christmas and well, to be perfectly honest, Sofia is just getting bigger, we moved the furniture around in her room, got some new toy bins and moved her changing table out. Tonight, a lovely young couple who are expecting their first child came and bought it off us.

I don't know why I am having such a hard time with this. Maybe because it is the first real big piece of her babyhood that has gone. Since we don't live in a big house and don't have a lot of storage we don't have the luxury of saving and holding on to things. Maybe this is a good forces us to move on. All I can say though is thank goodness she is still sleeping in her crib. If I am having an issue with saying goodbye to her changing table, heaven help me when she moves into her big girl bed.

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Clyde and Terri said...

You can look forward to all the fun things that replace things lost. And there will be plenty!