Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Christmas Surprise

Last week, upon arriving home Clyde informed me there was a box that had been delivered to our neighbors Alice and Al across the street. Now, Alice and Al are the old busy body couple that live across from us. No doubt, they had been watching out the window and when they saw the mailman unable to deliver because we weren't home, they chased him down and then called us to alert us that they had our package. And, since Clyde had picked up the last package from them, apparently it was my turn to brave the trip across the street. I was fully expecting the box to contain the hot tub cleaner we had ordered to stop our washing machine from stinking to high heaven, so imagine our surprise when we opened the box to find a beautiful advent bird house. Basically what happens is that each day in December we open a door to find a lovely ceramic bird, each one different, to put upon a perch outside each door.
And every morning we have been getting up and the three of us placing the bird on it's perch. Granted, Sofia would probably much rather try to eat the birds right now but that should change as she gets older!!!
Thank you Jo and Kip for a wonderful gift and a new holiday tradition for our new family.

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