Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Party

This weekend we had a little birthday celebration for a very good friend who we have not seen for a year. Kris was in town and we decided a party with the girls was in order. I won't tell you which birthday it was, but it was a BIG ONE!!!

Sofia got the party started making sure that eveyone got their feet wet in the whale pool.

Baby Morgan came with her Mama Tracie. Is she not a beautiful little girl? Sofia was smitten. She wanted Morgan to do all the things that she did. Barclay was a little smitten himself. He was very interested in checking her out and he was so gentle and so protective of her. Super sweet.

As soon as Morgan vacated her spot on the blanket on the grass, Sofia stepped in.

Gladys and you, girls!!

The chef. Clyde cooked us an amazing meal and took care of everything, dishes included. No girl lifted a finger, we were waited on hand and foot. I think I'll start renting him out for parties.

The party togs.

The Birthday girl.

Sofia of course got in on act and helped Kristin open all of her presents.

And then made off with some of the loot.

Happy Birthday Kristin!!! Hope all of your birthday wishes come true.

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