Monday, February 23, 2009

A bit of a party

Last night we had a bit of a party to celebrate Meg and Clyde's birthdays. Of course it was wonderful to enjoy the company of our friends and have a delicious meal together but, as always, our three treasures were the stars of the show.

Peter shows us all how to play the guitar.

Sofia decides she can play the guitar as well.

Jake with his very best cheese smile.

Happy Birthday Meg and Clyde!

Okay, do these boys just get more and more handsome or what?

So, these three started pushing each other in the wagon......well, actually Sofia was pushing the boys around. Not hard to imagine is it? Sofia did let Peter push the wagon, but once was enough. She wanted to be in charge again after that. Sorry for all of the photos but they were having so much fun together and I couldn't help but snap a whole bunch of pictures.

The lads cleaning up. These boys could be keepers, Sof!!

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