Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Long Haul

So almost 24 hours on the go with an almost two year old was well, pretty much as I feared......LONG!!! Don't get me wrong - Sofia was a trooper, but there is nothing you can do when you are strapped down in a very full metal tube travelling at 30,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean with a little one.

Playing at the airport in Sacramento.

Our plane (or at least one that looked just like it) in the background at LAX. It is really quite amazing to me that in all my research on LAX there was not a playground in sight to while away some of our 4 1/2 hour layover. We ended up finding a somewhat sunny spot to run around in and a water bottle to keep Sofia entertained.
It was at about this time that we noticed her runny nose and endless sneezing which did eventually turn into a mild cold. It hasn't seemed to knock her too much but it did give her a little grief on both descents. Poor baby! We tried everything we could think of to pop her ears but in the end she just had to ride it out.

A bit of dinner before we get on board so we don't have to deal with the dodgy food on the plane.

Don't you just wish we could look this cute in our jammies. We preboarded the plane and as we walked on Sofia was waving at everyone and saying "Bye! Bye!" Too cute.

So we made it here safe and sound and vacation has begun. Sofia is dealing very well with the time change and has slept through the night waking at about 6:00am each morning. No camplaints about that at all could be so much worse.

Stay the real fun begins!

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