Thursday, March 17, 2011

Snow Play - Part 1

This last weekend we snuck away for a quick trip to the snow.
How lucky are we to be so close to such a great winter playground?
We took Geema and Papa with us and headed for the hills.
Luckily, I bought a jacket extra big last year,
and we squished the feet into snowboots one size too small
and headed out to play.

I can't tell you how funny the following was
and unfortunately I didn't take a picture that adequately sets the scene.
But there were two of these contraptions that each took a dozen kids on a ride
around and around and around.
With their bums firmly squished inside the inner tube,
they were pulled round and round in circles
by a machine with four long posts
each with three kids and inner tubes attached.

First time around Sof was on the inside track 
and this was about the extent of her excitement.

Second time, Daddy put her on the outside loop which traveled
a little faster much to the delight of our speed demon.

Gotta tell ya.....
sure beats me trying to pull her through the snow.

1 comment:

Clyde and Terri said...

The whole day was great fun, and thank you for posting these pictures, since I managed to delete all 100+ that I took.