Friday, December 24, 2010

The Last Bird

Several years ago, we were given a beautiful birdhouse advent calendar. Each day leading up to Christmas has a door, and behind each door is a bird who comes out of their hidey hold and sits on a perch.

Last year Sofia got quite a kick out of pulling the birds out of their spot. Each one got a gentle kiss and was set out on their perch.

This year with another year under her belt, and a little help from her father, this beautiful tradition has turned into quite another story.

Don't get me wrong. She loves it!! The first thing she says when she wakes up is "We have to do a bird". 

And then this is how it goes......

We position ourselves on the arm of the couch to get the best access.
We locate the appropriate number and tell Mummy and Daddy
"Now close your eyes!"

Then out comes the bird.
Not all birds get a kiss this year. 
I am not sure what Sofia's criteria is for being on the receiving end of one of her sweet kisses.  
......only she knows. 

Now this is where the story starts to go a bit awry.
When the birds come out this year, apparently they are a bit hungry (after all, they have been hibernating for a whole year) and need to eat some of the berries around the top of the house.
And of course, Sofia's daddy couldn't help himself and told Sofia that if the birds ate too many berries, they were going to poop everywhere.  

Why yes, you might recognize this face as the one where she knows she is going in to do something yucky, but oh so funny to a very almost four year old.

And was this funny every morning.

Finally, well fed and pottied, perhaps with a kiss.....or not
the bird finds it's way onto the perch.

This morning, thank goodness, we did our last bird of the season.

Merry Christmas Eve to all.

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