Monday, August 31, 2009

Diving Sofia Style

This photo is how Sofia poses now when Daddy throws her high in the sky. Notice her lovely form and pointed toes. I don't think Daddy is going to be able to throw her around like this next year.

We are going to miss our swimming when the cool weather comes.

And I wanted to capture on camera Sofia's diving technique. I think she started doing this because we kept telling her to jump out from the wall. She was jumping so close it was freaking us out. So now she only dives in.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun at the Fair!

So here we are, one year later and another trip to the California State Fair. We met Geema and Papa in the Wine Garden after Sofia's afternoon nap and for once it was not sweltering hot. Don't get me wrong, it was toasty. Just not that stifling, oppressive, hundred and something kind of days we usually have at the fair.

So, we started in the Wine Garden with a tasty award winning beverage and some cheese and fruit. Really not a bad way to kick things off.

We followed that up with a trip to the petting zoo. Same as last year, Sofia loved looking at all of the animals but this year she was especially interested in the chickens and bunnies.

Then we headed over to watch the pony rides. I asked Sofia if she wanted to take a ride. "Yes" she said. I figured she had misunderstood my question, after all the girl lost the plot when we tried to ride the train at the zoo. So I asked her again "Do you want to ride the ponies?" "YES" she says, no hesitation. Okay, this can't be right. I asked the girl SIX times which I figured would give her plenty of opportunities to change her answer. It never happened, so we forked over the six bucks and were prepared to write it off.

Well, this child got up on Dolly the pony and as soon as she started moving her little mouth formed a big "Ohhhhhhh" but no sound came out. She LOVED it. She looks like a natural don't you think?

Of course, we had to enjoy all of the other trappings of the fair.
A carousel ride with Geema and a rooster....

A sparkly princess head somethingorother.....

BBQ'ed corn on the cob.....

And a chocolate dipped strawberry......

Oh yeah, more strawberry.....

Watching them make cinnamon rolls with pounds and pounds of butter. Okay, I won't mention the names of those who partook.

Rolling golf balls......

And a twilight cruise around the fair on the monorail taking in all of the sights....

We capped off the evening with some dancing on Papa's shoulders.

Same time, same place next year guys. Maybe we'll take on a roller coaster.

Sleeping Beauty

Sometimes it is impossible to believe that Sofia could be even more precious than she already is and then I go in to tuck her up and I am proven wrong once again.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I can't believe I just said that!!

When I became a mother, I knew that I would say all of those things that I had heard my mother say to me over and over again when I was a child. I knew that I would have the same inflection in my voice and repeat to my daughter all those horrible things I didn't like to hear when I was a kid. After all, I had heard my sister utter the exact same things to her kids before me. What I wasn't prepared for was some of the other things I would say to my daughter.

Case in point.....this is the conversation that transpired in Sofia's bedroom this morning while trying to get her dressed and ready for the day. Sofia had a "super stinker", which I have already changed and I am trying to adjust the elastic waist in her pants while she has them still on. She is not co-operating. I also must add that Sofia has a bit of a fascination right now with all bodily functions and must examine every stinky diaper closely before it gets thrown away.

Mummy: Sofia please come here and let me adjust your pants.
Sofia: I see it!!
Mummy: Sofia, please come here and lie down and let me fix your pants!
Sofia: I see it!!
Sofia keeps heading away and out of the bedroom.
Mummy: Sofia, I will only ask you one more time to lie down and let me fix your pants.
Sofia: I see it!!
Mummy: Not until you are dressed.
Sofia: NOOO!
(Don't you love two?)
Mummy stands up and puts the dirty diaper in the diaper pail. Sofia in turn starts a full on tantrum. Here is what really concerns me.....
Mummy: Only good girls get to look at their poopy diapers!!

I don't think my mother ever said anything like that to me.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Poppies Full of Sunshine

So when Sofia got her new bed, I went on the prowl for a new quilt for her bed. I checked out all of the usual suspects but nothing really caught my eye. Then I remembered Etsy. For those of you who don't know, Etsy is a website where people who handcraft things from jewellery and books to clothes and quilts and everything in between can sell their goods. I spotted this quilt and could not stop my mouse from clicking back to it over and over. It was a crib size so quite obviously not the right size for Sofia's big girl bed. Well, I contacted the girl who designed and made it and she agreed to make it in a custom size.

Today, the postman delivered it to my front door all the way from Massachussets (is that the correct number of t's and s' would think I would know having gone to grad school in Boston wouldn't you?). It arrived just in time for Sofia's nap and in the box was also a cute wee black and white cat for Sofia, who also took a nap under the new quilt.

Lisa......the quilt arrived in perfect condition and I was shocked when it showed up today. I have put plenty of photos on here so you can see just how perfect it is. I think the shrinkage was a good thing. Thank you for Sofia's beautiful sunny poppies (and the kitty too).

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A bit of this....a bit of that....

There is no rhyme or reason to this post......just a bunch of random photos taken over the last week. Summer is winding down and we are just enjoying our last few days of Clyde being off work.

Official rubber spatular licker...the most important cookie job.

Table with a view. A back yard BBQ.

Geema and Papa stopped by for one night after a month away. Sofia was so happy to see them. Straight out of the girls mouth without any prompting "I missed you Papa!" It's enough to just melt your heart.

Hairy McClary, one of Sof's favourites.

I don't even know what is up with this photo, but it cracks me up. It looks like Sofia is walking on hot coals.

Geema teaching Sofia the duck song with actions. Come back Geema.....we don't remember the words.

Sofia is the self-appointed doggy pooper scooper and pee waterer. I guess we will need to start giving her pocket money for this chore soon.

More books.

And what better accessorie for a warm summer evening than a woolly hat.

Beautiful girl.

.....and the little one said

Last night we put Sofia to bed as usual with "bear" on one side and "zebra" on the other. A couple of hours later this was the scene in Sofia's bedroom.

All of the animals that usually reside at the foot of her bed were tucked up tight, from left to right with the biggest of them all fast asleep right on the edge of the bed.

I wonder how long it took her to get them all just the way she wanted. And she did it so quietly too.

You Guessed it!

Friday, August 7, 2009

More Clues

And if you still haven't gotten it yet, this one is for my family......she's a long lost relly of Sally.