Sunday, August 16, 2009

I can't believe I just said that!!

When I became a mother, I knew that I would say all of those things that I had heard my mother say to me over and over again when I was a child. I knew that I would have the same inflection in my voice and repeat to my daughter all those horrible things I didn't like to hear when I was a kid. After all, I had heard my sister utter the exact same things to her kids before me. What I wasn't prepared for was some of the other things I would say to my daughter.

Case in point.....this is the conversation that transpired in Sofia's bedroom this morning while trying to get her dressed and ready for the day. Sofia had a "super stinker", which I have already changed and I am trying to adjust the elastic waist in her pants while she has them still on. She is not co-operating. I also must add that Sofia has a bit of a fascination right now with all bodily functions and must examine every stinky diaper closely before it gets thrown away.

Mummy: Sofia please come here and let me adjust your pants.
Sofia: I see it!!
Mummy: Sofia, please come here and lie down and let me fix your pants!
Sofia: I see it!!
Sofia keeps heading away and out of the bedroom.
Mummy: Sofia, I will only ask you one more time to lie down and let me fix your pants.
Sofia: I see it!!
Mummy: Not until you are dressed.
Sofia: NOOO!
(Don't you love two?)
Mummy stands up and puts the dirty diaper in the diaper pail. Sofia in turn starts a full on tantrum. Here is what really concerns me.....
Mummy: Only good girls get to look at their poopy diapers!!

I don't think my mother ever said anything like that to me.

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Lilysmom said...

that is so funny. I needed a good laugh!! Thank you Meredith