Sunday, October 25, 2009


Back in April Clyde joined a Fleet Feet Couch Potato running group. Okay so it wasn't technically called the "Couch Potato" running group but basically that was who it was aimed at.....people who did not really do much physical activity with the end result to run a 5K. Well Clyde did the training but never actually ran the race. I think we were camping or something. So he kept the running up and Meg and Carrie suggested back in July that he should run a half marathon with them, and that is precisiouly what they did.

I know this post is supposed to be all about Clyde but who can resist photos of such cute kids. Trouble #1 and Miss Trouble #2 hanging out at the beginning of the race.

Runner #1271.

The start line.

Meg crossing the finish line. Official times aren't in yet but Meg and Clyde were in the second wave so you can take at least six minutes off the time showing on the clock. Meg knocked at least five minutes off her previous best and on a much hillier course. Superwoman right there.

And Clyde crossing the finish line. Way to go hon.....I am so proud of you. And it can't have been too bad......they're already talking about the next one.

The training buddies.

So we have to end with the cute kids as well. Double gold for Jake.


Clyde and Terri said...

Good pics, and what fun to have shared in this great event.

Robin Campbell said...

Clyde - The Kiwis are so proud of your efforts today. Look forward to the next event - as no doubt you are (....or not!) Go man - go!!