Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun

The Easter bunny visited our house yesterday morning and left Sofia a big basket of treats. Sofia's eyes lit up when she saw the basket. She said "Bunny! Chocolate!" and then proceeded to eat 6 chocolate kisses before I managed to wrangle the rest of them out of her basket without her seeing. Note to self.......only put as much chocolate in the basket as you are willing to have your child eat for breakfast. Apparently this is common sense - just not for me.

Gotta love the fact that Sofia is wearing her Halloween jammies opening her Easter basket.

The Easter Bunny also visited Sof's cottage at Geema and Papa's place. Mummy neglected to get a photo of Sofia in her pretty Easter outfit, she was in play clothes before I realised I missed the moment, so you will just have to take my word that she was all dressed up pretty at one point.

More kisses.

Coloring eggs with Geema.

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Clyde and Terri said...

Thank you three for all the shared happiness. And for cooking - yum!
You spoil us.