Thursday, March 12, 2009

Catch Up

We have been MIA from blogging for what seems like forever. Some kind of nasty stomach bug has had the three of us down and out, and our poor old one bathroom house has been pushed to it's max. Okay, so that was probably way too much information!!! Anyway, here is a very quick run down, minus the gory illness details, of what has been going on around here.

Sofia got herself another cute haircut. Clyde took her in and asked for a short bob and it looks awesome on her. He took this task on himself and I think he gave great direction. I was pretty happy that he didn't just ask for a #1!! Getting Sofia to pose for a shot of her new do was quite a different project. Oh well, at least this is a pretty photo of her smile. You will just have to imagine how cute the hair is.

Grandpa Robin came for a visit. He brought with him, among other things, "Inky Pinky". Yes Dad, the name has stuck. Handsome little chap isn't he? He comes with a giggle feature where he laughs and shakes. Sofia doesn't care for that too much, but as long as Inky Pinky stays still and silent she is happy to have him near by.

And here is Inky Pinky in Grandpa Robin's bed watching TV. Oh yeah, not just any TV but Clyde's birthday TV. Nice isn't it?

Sofia, Inky Pinky and Upsy Daisy take over Grandpa's bed.

Sofia and Grandpa Robin eating breakfast on the floor. Nothing but the best treatment for guests in our house. Sofia was so happy to see her Grandpa although she insisted on calling him Robin all weekend. And what is so amazing is what she took in over the weekend and remembers. She tells everyone that Robin brought Inky Pinky. And then a couple of days ago I pulled a mug out of the cupboard for my tea in the morning. All of our usual mugs were in the dishwasher dirty, so I pulled one of our Christmas mugs out. God forbid that I actually hand wash a mug!! Anyway, it was the same mug that Dad had used while he was here. Sofia points to it and says "Robin! Robin!" I mean what an odd thing to remember. I guess it is true what they say about these little people being sponges. She is taking ENERYTHING in.

And finally, Sofia taking on the Wii balance board. She has got a pretty idea of how to work the thing.

So, here I sit one night after I started this post. Sofia went to the doctor today and they wanted to see her again if her fever returned. Well, we just put her to bed dosed up with Motrin and a fever of 102 so we have another appointment at 4:00pm tomorrow. Wish us luck. This poor wee girl has had a rough week and is just not herself and I think tomorrow's appointment will not be fun for her. Okay, no gory details......I promised. I will just hope that we get something sorted tomorrow so that she is on the mend. Tuatara is coming to visit this weekend and she hasn't seen Sofia since the day, one and a half years ago, that we came through LAX with our little baby girl.


Clyde and Terri said...

Thank goodness, we finally got new pictures. Very cute. We're only sorry Sof has had illness to deal with -- pretty hard on a little one who can't understand why she feels so lousy.

Chris Tickner, MFT said...

We are sending tons of healing energy to your house! xoxo A